Competitive Detection

A number of sports give handlers the opportunity to train their dogs in detection work and then compete in dog trials. These new sports are gaining significant traction for dog handlers of all ability levels. CIA Trainers have provided extensive training seminars to handlers, and many of these handlers have seen significant and consistent improvement in their trial results. Offered seminars include:
  • Fundamentals of Training Detection Work
    • Odor recognition
    • Building drive and obedience to odor
    • Reading K9 body language
    • Establishing a final response
  • Detection: Advanced Training
    • Working scent through environmental distractions
    • Building detection endurance
    • Search sequence training
    • Competition preparation
  • Detection: Train the Trainer
    • Basics of operant conditioning
    • Handler and K9 assessment
    • Problem identification and solution implementation
    • Coaching new detection teams

ci4a90991:1 Training Services

Private lessons for K9 handlers are also available (Chicago area) in basic and advanced handling techniques targeted to K9 competitive detection.

Remote training in competition detection is also available and offers handlers the opportunity to receive feedback on video-taped training sessions.