K9 Search and Rescue

IMG_1736K9 search and rescue handlers may be professionally trained, but more often teams are made up of civilian volunteers with a variety of experience and background and limited time to train for this important service. Team trainings are frequently time challenged and it can be difficult for teams to set up customized training to assess and progress each dog to the next stage of detection.
CIA can provide a customized seminar to assess training proficiencies and gaps in both handlers and K9s. This work can help progress teams to the next level and trouble-shoot training road-blocks. Lecture and working seminars can be structured to cover the following topics:
  • K9 Selection for Search and Rescue
  • Detection Training for K9 SAR Handlers
  • SAR K9 Drive Building
  • K9 SAR Tracking and Trailing
  • Working SAR K9 Proficiency Maintenance
  • Double-Blind Assessments for SAR K9 Teams
  • Train the Operational Leaders: Seminars to Develop and Maintain SAR K9 Training Officers