Law Enforcement:  Detection & Apprehension

CIA trainers are experts in the application of proven training methodologies for working canine teams. Services targeting working teams include seminars (including a lecture portion) and workshops (primarily hands-on training and evaluations with informal discussions), which can be customized to the needs of the clients. Some examples of previously offered seminars include:


  • Scent Detection Fundamentals
  • Detection Training Problem-Solving
  • Building Search for Detection Dogs
  • Vehicle Search Tactics for Detection Dogs
  • Security Detection Training
  • Double Blind Assessments of Detection Teams
  • Train the Trainers: Seminars to Maintain Department Leaders


Working Apprehension
  • Young Dog Bite-Work Development
  • Decoy Development: Defining the Behaviors Worth the Bite Reward
  • Training Dogs for Personal Protection
  • Training K9s for Building Security
  • Maintaining the Apprehension Trained Dog


Law Enforcement Departments

  • K9 use in law enforcement
  • Adding K9s to a Police Department
    • Procedure / documentation requirements
    • Dog acquisition services
    • 1:1 K9 handler training (following patrol school completion)
    • Patrol officer K9-team back-up training
    • K9 (single/dual purpose) maintenance training program development
    • Tracking/Trailing for Police K9s
    • Working K9 Proficiency Maintenance

CIA Trainers are also available for consulting services to assist individuals / LE departments with:


  • Police K9 program audits
  • Police K9 certification preparation
  • Train the Trainers: Seminars to Maintain Department Leaders
  • Expert witness preparation
  • Canine training curriculum development


    • 1:1 Training Services
    • Optimizing Learning: Basics of Operant Conditioning
    • Working Dog Selection
    • Use of K9s in Event Security Planning
    • Handler and K9 Preparation for International Deployment
    • Physical Assistant Dog Training
    • Kennel Design for Working Dogs
    • Working Dog Breeding Program Development
    • Counter-Terrorism K9 Program Implementation

CIA offers K9 behavioral assessments for animals exhibiting significant training or behavior issues such as aggression, displacement actions, or lack of training progression. A plan can be developed for each case and follow-up performed on behavior modification activities to determine effectiveness.

Private lessons for K9 handlers are also available (Chicago area) in basic and advanced handling techniques targeted to the work venue.

Remote training for K9 handlers is also available and offers handlers the opportunity to receive feedback on video-recorded training sessions.