What Don’s Seminar Attendees Are Saying…


Thanks again for your input and guidance. I’m really not trying to pander… but it is very exciting to find someone with your depth and breadth of canine nosework and learning theory knowledge, who is also effective at communicating information in a really clear and elegant way. Half my dog’s success is due to the work I did on odor obedience and other foundation skills early on (and not starting him on food!), and the other half is from your fieldwork, the adoption of a systematic search style and the toolbox of troubleshooting skills I can draw on when needed. I had so much fun competing with him today. The title was nice, but the Pronounced designation meant more. The level of teamwork required to get Pronounced in all the elements is not something Spike and I had until recently. I was finally able to provide my dog with the search experience he needed to show off his impressive skills. Very cool.


Thanks for another outstanding presentation at For Your K9 Friday night. You gave us a lot of excellent ideas to think about and incorporate into our training.  You could also give courses on how to give a workshop. You are always organized, on time, on task and highly efficient.


I’m still trying to sell the P2P exercise as something you just cannot mimick in other training.  Anyway, I wanted to tell you, after doing them pretty regular for the last few weeks, I got the unthinkable on Tuesday night.  Flip, the dog who I taught to NEVER pull on leash actually DRAGGED me to a hide.  I started my blind hide search pattern and he leaned in with power I’ve never felt before in a regular search.  So of course I followed him and he found  in less than 5 seconds.  So saying that I wanted to follow up with a huge thank YOU!!  You have brought me so far in such a short time frame and in turn I pass that along to my students.  YOU!!! are a huge part of the progression in this area for me and with anyone who chooses to train with my and I can’t thank you enough.  I know you love it but your free time is valuable and I guess I just wanted to tell you that you giving up your personal time is really helping others so I appreciate you more than you know.  Thanks so much Don!!!


THANK YOU for everything over the last 9 months from your first seminar to all of your personal help in privates.  Everything I have learned from you makes it’s way back to my students and that was really apparent today.  My student with her dog Jane got 3 pronounced searches today. 1st place containers with 5.75 seconds, 1st place interiors with 16.5 seconds (all due to a search pattern) and 2nd place vehicles 22.7 seconds.  I was on vehicles and she checked the wind, ran the downwind side and was just about to go back and start her search pattern when Jane dragged her to the hide.  Anyway, she is my most dedicated student and thanked me so much for all of my tips and said that she knew it was you who originally taught them to me.  So even though there is still a long way to go, she came off saying we need more P2P’s and that exterior would have been much better.  You have taught me well and please know that I am passing along all of your great knowledge to anyone who chooses to take my classes. 


I might have mentioned it with the tracking course earlier, but just wanted to say from an educational point of view your workshop methods are very good.  The theory, then directed practice with single dogs, and especially your perspective on coaching handlers to problem-solve is refreshing.  As learners, we get:  theory, one-to-one coaching, practise looking for targets behaviours in other dogs (and added bonus often of developing group cohesion with cheering on other dogs!), and coaching on how to problem-solve so we are empowered to work these skills with our own dogs going forward independently.  Lovely to see in a workshop, instead of slavishly following someone’s rigid method and then no clue as how to problem-solve and go forward with our own training.  Nice teaching/coaching & curriculum development.  But you probably hear that often.


I hope you will never tire of my endless thank you’s.  I had an NW1 student trial yesterday that had the judges give her 3 out of 4 pronounced.  My favorite was one judge’s comment from exteriors that I thought you would enjoy…

“Great detailing and search pattern for a NW1.  Nice job reading your dog and letting her work.  Nice leash work and positioning by you!”  This comment alone really encompasses so much of what you have taught me are the important things in a search. I know the actual title matters most, but as an instructor, those pronounced really mean so much to me.  My students are getting them more and more due to everything I have learned from you and implemented into my training program.  My students are also realizing that it’s misreading the dog or the tiny training things that we can improve which cause a failure, but that the pronounced really mean so much in how they are working their dogs.  
I never would get this kind of student success without you as an amazing resource.  So once again, thank you for all of your help and guidance over these last few years.  You are an amazing asset to the sport.
His name should be synonymous with detection.

 What a great weekend! Once again attending a seminar with detection guru Don Blair. Don’s clear instruction and knowledge resulted in huge improvements in the dog/handler teams from July. Then there was the incredible transformations in the dogs from Saturday to Sunday!


As an “auditor” I had one eureka moment after another this weekend! I’ve had one particular training issue that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. Thank you Don Blair for giving me the clarity on “why” this particular “phase” of the sequence is weak and a solution that’s achievable.
It’s soo empowering to have this knowledge !!!