Competitive Dog Sports

CIA trainers offer a wealth of experience in canine sports. From AKC obedience, to Ringsport to IPO, and the very popular K9 Nose Work, the fundamentals of operant conditioning and general principles of learning apply and CIA trainers can assist you in learning how to excel in all aspects of training and competition.
  • Seminars and workshops on:
    • Operant conditioning and its application to K9 protection (general decoy development)
    • AKC / IPO obedience training and test preparation
    • IPO (Schutzhund): tracking, obedience and protection
    • Ringsport (Mondio and French Ring) Training and Trial Preparation
    • IPO-R (Search and Rescue IRO Testing: field component: tracking, live find rubble and live find area search; and obedience / agility)
  • Train the Trainer classes in advanced instruction techniques for dog trainers
  • Dog training curriculum development

1:1 Training Services


CIA offers K9 behavioral assessments for animals exhibiting significant training or behavior issues such as aggression, displacement actions, or lack of training progression. A plan can be developed for each case and follow-up performed on behavior modification activities to determine effectiveness. 

Private lessons for K9 handlers are also available (Chicago area) in basic and advanced handling techniques targeted to the sport of interest.



Remote training for K9 handlers is also available and offers handlers the opportunity to receive feedback on video-taped training sessions.